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Do I Need a Virtual Assistant?

Professionals and entrepreneurs everywhere know how hectic running a business is. Luckily, time management gurus and organizational wizards recognized the need for their skills, and the position of virtual assistant was born! A virtual assistant works remotely to perform administrative tasks, such as schedule planning, file set up and organization, and general communication. Great virtual assistants save their employers time, stress, and money.

What does a virtual assistant do? Virtual assistants typically offer a range of services, but they focus mainly on administrative tasks. Think organizing and optimizing procedures. In addition to working in the backend
systems that help a business operate smoothly, a virtual assistant will often handle client-facing tasks such as communication and scheduling.

A hand on a notebook with a macbook open belonging to a virtual assistant in Waterloo

These are some of the standard responsibilities of a virtual assistant:


  • Monitor a business email account/phone line to respond to inquiries and arrange meetings or appointments

  • Manage client intakes and the opening of electronic client files

  • Implement a system of organization for company email accounts so that all emails are responded to in a timely manner and are filed appropriately

  • Make travel arrangements, as needed


These are just a few of the tasks a virtual assistant might do. The beautiful thing about hiring a virtual assistant is flexibility! You can find a virtual assistant who meets your needs and your budget.

So, how do you know if you would benefit from a virtual assistant? Some of the signs are pretty obvious, but a few of them might surprise you.

  1. You can’t keep up with emails and voicemails. It’s gotten so bad that you dream about  that little ding Outlook makes when a new email comes in.

  2. You’re missing appointments, double booking yourself, or can’t remember the last time  you had a lunch break.

  3. You know emails arrive in your inbox… but you never seem to be able to find them  again. You spend time searching your inbox for lost emails, and sometimes important  emails are missed.

  4. You’re spending more time on administrative tasks than you are on building or running  your business.

  5. You never have time to price check your suppliers. Office supplies and programs can be  crazy expensive, but there are deals to be had if you’re savvy and willing to shop around. A virtual assistant can take that time-consuming task off your plate.

  6. You’re burnt out… but you spend most of your time booking appointments, checking the  phone and email, opening files, and searching for important documents instead of growing your business.


If any of these signs ring a bell, it’s time to look into getting some professional help. A great virtual assistant will take administrative tasks off of your plate so you can focus on the things that matter: helping your clients and growing your business.

A virtual assistant provides flexibility and productivity for their employers. Whether you're a busy professional or an entrepreneur, a virtual assistant can help your business thrive, and give you back your work-life balance.

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