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SEO 101: The Importance of Creating and Sharing Original Content

When it comes to marketing your business online, it can be hard to know where to focus your efforts. SEO, content, SEM, brand identity… terms like these can be overwhelming, but just like any concept, they can be broken down into smaller, more understandable pieces. In this post we focus on content creation, an important element of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When done right, a website’s content can expand online visibility, boost viewer engagement, and increase business revenue. That’s why posting valuable, unique content is an area every business should focus on. The importance of creating and sharing original content can help bolster your brand identity and make your business memorable.

Original content helps your website to be recognized and displayed by Google. This part of SEO can get pretty technical, but the important thing to know is that Google’s mission “is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Their software is constantly combing the internet, ranking web pages based on their content.

Google then offers search results based on a website’s ability to answer a specific search. Original content makes you more visible to Google’s software, and increases your likelihood of being a top result. What does this mean? A higher chance that someone will visit your website, be wowed by your content, and get interested in your business!

Image by Hugo  Barbosa

You opened your business with a vision of the unique and exceptional services you are able to offer the world, right? Business success comes from people connecting with you, not just your product or service. Think of the content on your website as an extension of yourself. Great website content should reflect who you are and what your business offers. It should offer visitors connection and information.

This is often referred to as the value of content. What you post should meet a searcher’s specific need. Their search query brought them to your online doorstep, and your unique and engaging content is their invitation to come inside. Great, individualized content should be based on topics connected to your business or industry. This way, it feels purposeful and curated, without distracting visitors from the main purpose of your website: to promote your business.

Producing unique content for your website is your opportunity to shine. Content that explores interesting or original points of view, provides information on a specific subject, or offers a visitor a chance to emotionally connect with its message is invaluable to a website. Visitors that are impressed by the content of a website are more likely to return to it in the future and talk about it to others.

If a visitor to your website is impressed by what they find, they’re far more likely to make a purchase or request services than if your website looks and sounds like one of hundreds available online.

Unique, creative content is also a way for you to showcase your expertise in your chosen field. You can use blog posts to demonstrate your knowledge about a particular area. Not only do you get to talk about things you find interesting, but well-crafted, informative posts create a sense of authority with readers, which increases their trust in you as a professional.

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