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Build your Business with An Online Portfolio

With so many potential clients searching for service providers online, it’s not just artists and writers who can benefit from digital portfolios. People often think of portfolios as physical objects, like a binder of sketches or published pieces of writing. But almost all professionals can create a portfolio, and sharing yours online can give your business a big boost.

Whether you call it an online portfolio, an e-portfolio, or a digital portfolio, crafting an online inventory that tells your story has many advantages for your business. By showcasing your work and interests, you can help viewers develop trust and respect for you as a professional.

Your online portfolio should be something of a mix of your CV, your interests, and examples of your work. For professionals in the wellness industry who aren’t creating physical or visual products, this might seem a little tricky. But there are plenty of things you can include to build a robust and impressive portfolio.

Image by Nick Morrison

One of the best ways to build a practice is through word of mouth. An online business profile that includes testimonials from current or previous clients is like putting word of mouth method on steroids. Instead of being limited to a few friends or family members, digital testimonials can influence every person that finds you through searches (and that could be plenty, if you use SEO best practices). Testimonials create trust and add a human element to an online platform.

And what pairs perfectly with testimonials? Endorsements from other professionals in the industry. Your e-folio can include brief write ups from other professionals you have impressed throughout your career. Endorsements like these build on the trust fostered by testimonials with the benefit of establishing an impression of expertise. You’re great at what you do, and potential clients should know it!

Of course, a digital portfolio can include content that reflects your interests. If you like to create memes to share on your social media accounts, feel free to use them. Blog posts, infographics, different projects or groups you might be involved with -- all of these things are important and should feature in your online portfolio. Plus, they offer a great opportunity to integrate more SEO content into your website.

Like a physical portfolio, an e-folio should tell a story about your professional journey. The online format allows for great organization, creativity, and variety in content. A well-curated digital portfolio can help you stand out and connect with new clients.

Not sure where to start in building an online portfolio, or feeling overwhelmed with how to organize your website to best showcase your skills? Check out Zazen’s services to see how we can help!

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